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The Largest & Oldest National Trade Association of Recovery Professionals in North America. The Only Not-For-Profit True Trade Association to the Recovery Industry Since 1936.   Professional AFA Members as of July 16, 2024172

Get on Board the Allied Train!

Thank you for taking the time to explore the "Allied Finance Adjusters" website. If you are thinking about becoming a member of a  National Repossession Trade Association, why not consider becoming a member
of "Allied Finance Adjusters"?

Allied is always on the lookout for professional new members to come on board.  With Allied you do not have to wait for years to get that needed exposure as with other repossession trade organizations. Once you are accepted into the membership, you are issued a Member Profile page
on the AFA website.

Annual Dues are based on the fiscal year; January 1 - December 31st
and are invoiced each year in October for the upcoming year. The Annual dues will be prorated by quarter for new members joining AFA.



Allied Finance Adjusters makes submitting your membership application along with the required documents easy as 1,2,3!

Step 1: Download and complete in full the “Allied Finance Adjusters Membership Application.” (Button above)
Step 2: Ready your “Required Documents” for secure uploading. (Required Documents “Check Off” list is on the application)
Step 3: Return here to “Submit” your completed and signed “Membership Application” along with your “Required Documents.” (Button below)


The fastest way to become a member is by submitting your application and required documents electronically using the “Submit” button above. Note: All documents must be in .PDF format and all Image/Photos must be in .jpg, .gif or .png format.

You may send your application and required documents via email, fax or the postal service of your choice, instructions are on the application, however this will process will delay your membership.

* Incomplete applications will cause delay in your membership!

If you have any questions with the application process please contact our Membership Chairperson.