$1,000,000 Fidelity Coverage

The Largest & Oldest National Trade Association of Recovery Professionals in North America. The Only Not-For-Profit True Trade Association to the Recovery Industry Since 1936.   Professional AFA Members as of July 16, 2024172

Code of Ethics

  1. To serve the business of finance with loyalty, and to cooperate with the finance industry, its executives, collections managers and representatives, in the proper handling of assignments.
  2. To conduct ourselves as to command respect and confidence.
  3. To promote by an unvarying attitude of fairness, by competence, by integrity, and by a proper respect for the persons with whom we have dealings, good will toward business and finance.
  4. To approach investigations and adjustments with an unprejudiced and open mind.
  5. To make truthful and unbiased reports of facts, as we find them.
  6. To resist influences tending to produce improper alliances, and to serve our clients fearlessly.
  7. To render equitable bills, and to strive for economy in expense.
  8. To refrain from improper solicitation.
  9. To render the highest quality of service.
  10. To work in harmony with one another and with our clients so as to foster cordial relationships among ourselves and with the finance fraternity.