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The Largest & Oldest National Trade Association of Recovery Professionals in North America. The Only Not-For-Profit True Trade Association to the Recovery Industry Since 1936.   Professional AFA Members as of June 20, 2024170

President Wade Argo's Remarks continued ...

Allied Finance Adjusters provides Educational seminars for our members at both the annual convention and our midyear meeting, including but not limited to: FDCPA, CFPB, bankruptcy, skip tracing and the Service Members Civil Relief Act information and education. 

We are excited to announce that Allied has been working with Ron Brown and Eagle Group XX to provide additional credentialing material for our Members consisting of a subject matter manual, a power point presentation, and a test for the following Programs: Field Agent Compliance Training (FACT); Situational Awareness and Confrontational Avoidance Techniques (SACAT); Support Employee Compliance Training (SECT); Cyber Tracking Agent Compliance Training. (CTACT); and Skip Tracing Agent Compliance training (STACT). We expect to add additional training modules in the future. Our Members can access the program by going to our “Members” page on the Allied website. We are also looking at providing informational webinars for our Members on a monthly basis allowing them up-to-date information on situations effecting our industry.                

Allied’s working relationship with other professional members of our industry is a true help to our members going far beyond other trade associations.

As the producer of The Professional Repossessors Magazine, Allied makes a point of providing lenders and other industry professionals with information about current issues and affairs in the repossession industry. In 2021, we are merging the Allied Finance Adjusters’ annual directory into the magazine! We are very excited about the prospect of being able to update the printed directory every quarter and providing a printed directory that is uniform in size and style with the other publications already on the desks of clients nationwide. We believe this will be a very positive change and will place the Allied directory into the hands of many more professionals looking for a respected agent to recover their consumer and commercial collateral.

Allied’s website and its mobile app are designed with the client in mind. Its state-of-the-art design makes it easy for the client to navigate, allowing them to access to an Allied agent in the areas where they are needed. The Member search feature allows the client to search by zip code, state, or city in order to access a professional Allied agent in the area needed.

I am looking forward to working with state associations dedicated to raising the bar when it comes to the repossession industry. I encourage Members whose state does not have an association to reach out to any Allied EC member or Division Director for guidance needed to start an association in your state. Allied supports state associations and their continued growth.  It is important that trade associations and state associations work together to educate state and federal officials on matters affecting the repossession industry. Allied’s size along with professional trade associations will provide a unified voice when it comes to the many possible legislative acts that currently hang over this industry’s head.  We need to continue to work on industry standards that can be useful and functional for both the lenders and the repossession agencies that provide a critical function for lenders. 

I am hoping that the next two years will allow for the continued growth of Allied Finance Adjusters. The programs offered to our Members are critical elements needed to provide the exceptional services clients expect.  It is important that lenders’ recovery needs are being looked after by trained professionals. I will continue to work with our Executive Committee and industry professionals in order to ensure that Allied Finance Adjusters is the association of choice when it comes to locating and retaining respected agents to recover our respected Lenders collateral. 

I am excited to announce a brand format being introduced into Allied Finance Adjusters Professional Repossessors Magazine. In order to combine industry news along with a comprehensive database of professional Allied Finance Adjusters’ agencies located nationwide, Allied and our publisher are incorporating into this month’s magazine our agent directory. The combination of Allied’s directory and up to date informative industry news will be and asset to any lender wanting to use the best possible tool in the industry to recover their delinquent accounts. 

I am encouraging everyone in the lending industry to take advantage of this valuable tool. 

I am looking forward to the future,

Wade S. Argo

President, Allied Finance Adjusters